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A Little Bit of Background

Annemarie Lewis Thomas

I have a Level 4 Diploma in Advanced Counselling and am currently studying for an MSc in Psychology and Mental Health. I am a Student Member of the British Psychological Society, an accredited member of the ACCPH and a member of Psychology Today.

Alongside my counselling work, I have maintained a successful career in theatre, working as an MD and a published composer/lyricist. My work in that world has included working in education at both FE and HE level.  Between 2009-2022 I  was the CEO/Principal of The Musical Theatre Academy (The MTA), a multi-award-winning drama college, widely acknowledged for changing the vocational training landscape with its student-focussed approach, becoming the first HE college to operate with a whole school approach around Mental Health.

My work at The MTA led me to train to become a counsellor. Having spent decades talking and helping students (and staff) I developed a real interest in the world of mental health and wellbeing, so set out to get the academic skillset that would allow me to move into the world of counselling. 

I am a proud Welshie (a Swansea Jack to be precise), though have lived in London all my adult life.

I live with my wife and 2 young children - and Harold the dog. 

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