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How Can Online Counselling Help You?

Sometimes you may experience feelings of sadness, depression or frustration that are overwhelming. You might recognise patterns which seem to be repeated throughout your personal and professional life.

I work with clients who, in so many areas of life are flourishing and may yet feel a sense of emptiness or despair about life. I am committed to providing counselling in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment,

I work with individuals on a long-term, open-ended basis, working intensively with deep-rooted problems that profoundly impact your sense of well-being or short-term, focused work for an agreed time to enable you to enhance your life and live it more fully. Specialising in client-centered counselling, or to put it another way, I work closely with my clients to find long-term solutions.

I work exclusively online via video call. I find that working this way can make clients feel a little safer as they can locate themselves in a safe space, enabling them to open up.

I have a special interest in cyberpsychology and the impact (both positive and negative) that social media can have on our mental health. 

Initial consultation
There's an initial 30 mins consultation to work out if we're a therapeutic fit for each other.  It's so important that you find a counsellor that you can speak freely with. This also allows me to assess that counselling is the correct pathway for you.  There is no commitment to ongoing sessions at this stage.


How long is a session?

Sessions are 50 mins long.

How much will it cost?
Whilst the initial consultation is free, any further session is £50. 

Video call

When you book your appointment you'll have the option of choosing WhatsApp or FaceTime for your session. I will then call you at the agreed time.

What happens next?

Just book in your first appointment and let's get started. No time like the present: BOOK HERE

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